This one hit close to home for Dana and Amy! Join us on the couch as we learn what's really going on when you put off that one thing—or more than one.

Dana helps us understand why procrastination is a perfectly normal and natural self-protective mechanism—and then, how to move past it to get on with our lives. 

She also gives Amy some useful advice for parenting a procrastinator. And no, we’re not talking about Amy’s inner-procrastinator-child. We’re talking about a real kid here!

Amy vows to do the one embarrassing thing that she was putting off right after we recorded. Visit us on IG or FB to see if she actually did it!

And lastly, judge for yourself if Amy's "No, You HAVE To" is even crazier than Goop advice! 

(For those of you who listen to the episode and are curious, Amy did get the checks in the mail! within an hour of getting home from recording!)

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