LUST: Under the Right Circumstances

In this episode, find out WHY talking about lust can get confusing and weird once you’re a mom (it’s not fair!) and why it can be hard to discuss your sexual desires with a partner, even if you dissect everything else together in the most minute detail.

If your lust-fires have cooled, and you’re not cool with that, get expert advice from Dana about how to re-stoke them. And some idiotic advice from Amy about notes you could pass to your partner.

As part of our series on the Seven Deadly Sins, Dana and Amy get real about the evolution of lust from youth to middle age, where we find ourselves now. Get info about one of the world’s most expensive and effective forms of birth control.

We thought about calling this episode “Lulls and LOLS” because it contains some of each (though we edited out several lulls and no LOLS!). We confess this to you because, hey, isn’t that so much like sexuality itself! So, like, the episode is so meta that way. There are times when sexuality seems easy and times when it’s a little weird and uncomfortable, uncertain and almost too vulnerable. In those moments, we retreat to the clinical, to joking, to talking about brunch. Join us on the couch!!