Join us on the couch as we process some BIG disappointments, the result of some big expectations. Dana reflects on a disappointment so fresh, it’s hard to listen without feeling it in your kishkes (guts).

Amy divulges the results of a Mother's Day survey she created to measure the gap between mothers' expectations for our "special day" and the realities.

She also admits to wanting something IMPOSSIBLE from a long-ago gift and how it still embarrasses her to think about it. 

Dana and Amy understand that, in the scale of problems and disappointments, the ones they discuss are far from the worst ever! In their exploration of the underlying emotion of disappointment—and strategies for working through it—they hope you can find something that resonates for you and helps you process whatever you have going on, even if you weren't expecting to get a necklace when you woke up today! 

A couple of pieces of trivia about this episode:

1) Amy sat on a leather chair that squeaked a fair amount. She won’t do it again, but she swears, IT WAS THE CHAIR!!

2) You can go to support us on Patreon for the delightful (?) extra gossip Amy promises mid-episode. We will post by 5/20/19.