S1:EP5 - Getting Ready for the HOLIDAYS...EMOTIONALLY!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Dana and Amy dish out strategies for thriving--or at least doing okay--during the holiday season.

This week, the focus is less on parenting and more on mere survival and emotional health in a season that demands a lot of us as mothers, daughters, and humans.

Amy shares her weird dietary hang-ups, which only seem weird when she's with other people—ya know, LIKE DURING THANKSGIVING! (And then, when I thought about food anxieties later, I realized it was all about control. Let go, Amy! It doesn’t all matter so much! AV)

Dana prescribes moderate alcohol consumption as a possible stress-reliever, which you can do when you're not giving actual therapy.

Together, they delve into the meaning of the phrase "zero-sum game," and give 3 practical tips to make sure your holidays won't be one. Everyone can win!