GLUTTONY: Who ISN'T Weird About Food?

Yes, we are GenX women, brought up with Jane Fonda's thigh gap and some funky ideas about good foods and bad. And food in general. And ourselves in general. In this episode, we share a LOT about where this got us. 

Dana has helpful strategies to help us move past some of our food baggage, but we also both dish on the hang-ups and habits we have that are so ingrained, we don't even notice them most of the time. 

For instance, one of us doesn't eat at parties. One of us ate food from the garbage can (Once! Only once!). All this and more awaits in the gluttony episode of our Seven Deadly Sins Series!

And, hey, we know we are extremely lucky to be talking about all this food choice when there is so much food insecurity in our own wealthy country. To keep that in mind, and to do something about it, we’ve become monthly supporters of Feeding America, which works to reduce hunger in the USA and to #EndPeriodPoverty, too. We hope you’ll join us!