LATE BLOOMERS: Get Going With Your Life!

This one is for those of you who didn't peak in high school. Or college. And you still had tons of room to grow and evolve in your thirties and even your forties—and beyond. You're just not done yet!

Before this conversation with psychotherapist, Dr. Dana Dorfman, Amy had never considered the massive parallels between her teen kids' phase of life and her own. Hormonal upheaval, evolving relationships with our own parents, and newfound freedoms weirdly unite some teens' experiences with those of their 50-something mothers.

While Amy interprets this similarity between teens and mid-lifers as permission to make more inappropriate jokes, Dana chooses a different, more mature path to reinvention.

Find out why "mid-life" is such a fork in the road, and how to decide which way to go. Dana offers three useful strategies to approach this sometimes-complex time of life, derived from her extensive experience as a clinician. Also, get surprising (and happy!) news about what often happens to relationships that may have been "stuck" for decades as we hit these new thresholds of development.

For our "NO! You HAVE To!" segment, Dana recommends something deeply life-changing, and Amy recommends something shallowly life-changing.

Thanks to Colin Shmaeling for fabulous editing!