Walk of SHAME: What to Do with Sucky Feelings

We're about to launch into a series loosely based on the feelings of The Seven Deadly Sins and thought there was no better place to start than a conversation about the feeling meant to steer us clear of sin: SHAME. 

On this episode, Dana talks about her own struggle to overcome shameful feelings. Amy’s embarrassed that she doesn't feel as much shame as she used to. And what’s the difference between shame, embarrassment, and guilt, anyhow? Dana knows. We’ll help you figure out how much shame is too much… and what’s just the right amount!

Dana illuminates how a person becomes a fully-shameless adult, responding to Amy’s query about the current resident of the Oval Office. Amy was surprised by Dana's expert opinion. You might be, too.

Learn how (and why!) to avoid a parenting style based on shaming. And be assured that our conversation about shame and parenthood includes the required (brief) mention of poop.

For our "No, You HAVE To" this week, Dana recommends a recent documentary series to understand how deep shame plays out in real life, and Amy recommends something superficial to forget all about it.