Parenting BETWEEN GENERATIONS: "It Was Good Enough For You!"

Let’s start with my mistake! Maybe it was a Freudian slip, but I recorded this episode saying, “It was good enough for me,” not, “It was good enough for you.” Ooops! It’s that thing we’ve heard mothers of our parents’ generation say about their parenting choices (Spanking! Smoking! Seatbeltless riding in the way back!), claiming that we turned out well enough, so how bad could their methods have been?

Sure, this episode is about how your parents judge your parenting (or let’s be honest, how your mother judges your mothering), but it's also about parents judging your choices in general. Anyone? Anyone?

From Dana’s experience leading groups for new mothers (and some for new grandmothers!), she offers helpful guidance for escaping long-held patterns and avoiding resentment.

And Amy shares the results of her unsolicited plastic surgery consult at a comedy show!

This episode came into being when Amy’s mom told her about a survey she filled out for a Jewish organization about how her kids were bringing up their children. Coyly, she told Amy that she answered the question about how much she agrees with her children’s parenting choices: “Most of the time.”

“MOST OF THE TIME?” Of course Amy started focusing on the rest of the time. What did her mom disapprove of? And then how could Amy tell her mom why she was wrong? Amy considered digging for details, but realized the response could be a recipe for assured mutual destruction—or at least a bit of a sting. She left it alone. Until this episode.